Grassfed Beef

As a result of current demand, we are increasing our ability to serve customers by increasing our butchering capacity. In addition, you now have the ability to back order essential items like ground beef, steaks and roasts on our website.

Thanks for your patience. We will be able to fulfill any back orders placed in the near future (8-10 days or less from back order date). Thank you for your business.


Grassfed Beef Cooking Tips

Flavorful Experience.  With 100% grass fed beef, you will experience a more flavorful beef experience with Windland Flats™ beef.   This is a reflection of the lean meat found in our 100% Scottish Highland Cattle.

Healthy Living. Naturally-raised, Windland Flats™ grass fed beef provides a healthier meat option.  Data shows that Scottish Highland, grass fed beef is lower in fat and cholesterol, but higher in protein and iron than conventional beef options.

Locally Grown. Raised locally, Windland Flats™ cattle live a natural life and spend their days foraging on grass fed pastures.   Our Windland Flats™ member-farms take great care in providing a high standard of living for our cattle. 

Naturally Raised. For generations, Scottish Highland Cattle roamed the lush, green pastures of Scotland, where they thrived on producing quality beef for their owners.  Today, Scottish Highland Cattle still provide the best option for tasteful, high-quality grass fed beef.   Our cattle are naturally raised without antibiotics, hormones or grain.

Leaner Grass Fed.
Standard European Breeds, like Hereford and Angus, rely on fat to keep the animal warm during our Upper Midwest Winters.  Because of their hair, the Scottish Highland cattle does not need as much fat for warmth as these other breeds of cattle.  Therefore, our Windland Flats™ beef is very lean. Click here to see a video comparing 80/20 beef to Windland Flats' Grassfed Beef.

After a fulfilling life, our cattle fulfill their destiny and your appetite for flavorful,  healthy, local natural, lean grass fed beef after a short ride to a USDA-certified processing facility.  Read more about the life of our cattle under the Scottish Highland Cattle section.  

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100 lbs. - 93/7 Ground Beef 1 lb. - 100% Highland
100 lbs. - 93/7 Ground Beef 1 lb. - 100% HighlandBeef Short RibsSummer Sausage - Cranberry & Wild Rice

100 lbs. 93/7 Ground Beef

Our 100% Highland Grassfed Short Ribs are great broasted, roasted and in a good old fasion crock.  They are $6.95/lb. and this bundle will get your approximately 5 lbs. of Short Ribs for your eating pleasure.

Our Cranberry & Wild Rice Beef Summer Sausage is 100% Highland Grassfed beef, paired with cranberries and wild rice for a little bit of sweet and a little bit of MN. Sold as a 12 oz. Summer Sausage Stick. Great as sandwich meat, eating on a cracker or just plain snacking.




Jalapeno & Cheese Beef SticksRegular Beef Sticks100% Beef Hot Dogs

Our 100% Highland Grassfed Beef Sticks are ready for your eating pleasure.   No filler, no nitrates, no nitrites.  4 sticks per pack.

Our 100% Highland Grassfed Beef Sticks are ready for your eating pleasure.   No filler, no nitrates, no nitrites.  4 sticks per pack.

100% Beef Hot Dogs




50 lbs. - 93/7 Ground Beef 1 lb. - 100% Highland Working Man Steaks Filet Mignon
50 lbs. - 93/7 Ground Beef 1 lb. - 100% HighlandWorking Man SteaksFilet Mignon

50 lbs. of 93/7 Ground Beef

Working Man Steaks

Beef Tenderloin - Price per 1 lb (16 oz). package. 




Full Grass Fed Package 93/7 Ground Beef 10 lbs. - 100% Highland Premium Steaks
Full Grass Fed Package93/7 Ground Beef 10 lbs. - 100% HighlandPremium Steaks

Ground Beef + Steaks

93/7 Ground Beef in 1 lb. Packages. Price is per 1 lb. 

Ribeye, Rib Steaks, Porterhouse, T-Bone, Sirloin and New York Strip.  Price per 5 lbs.  Sold in various steak sizes. 






Don't see what you want in one of our package, you can also order cuts by the pound.  Please see our list of available Windland Flats™ Grass Fed Beef products.  To order please send us an email, and we will respond with a quote.

GROUND BEEF Ground Beef - 1 lb. Package $7.75
ROASTS Roast (Top Round, Sirloin Tip, Chuck Roast, Arm Roast) $6.85
STEAKS T-Bone, Porterhouse, Ribeye, Rib, New York Strip & Top Sirloin Steak. $12.95
Tenderloin Steaks (Filet Mignon) $19.95
Sirloin Tip, Round & Flank Steaks $8.95
SPECIAL Stew Meat $7.00
Short Ribs $6.95
Heart $5.50
Liver $5.50
Soup Bones


Smoked Beef Wieners (16 oz.) $10.00
Summer Sausage (12 oz.) $9.95
Brisket (not smoked) $6.95
Beef Sticks (Original, Teriyaki, Jalapeño & Cheese) 4 sticks in a pack $5.99